Here we sit in our travel trailer, in the woods, in Massachusetts. We are able to access the world, talk to our family and friends, wherever they are. We can not only read about, but actually watch events unfold as they occur worldwide. And yet satan tries to make us isolated and alone in our faith. As believers in, and followers of, Jesus Christ we are ‘in’ this world but not ‘of’ this world.

Our lives here on earth are but a fleeting moment. In that moment, we are given freedom of choice and the ability to decide, for ourselves, where we will spend eternity. All the tools to make that choice are placed before us. The choice would be simple except… satan is alive and rules this world. He wants us to choose evil over good, sorrow over joy and he will do anything he can tempt us to choose this world over eternity with Jesus Christ.

Our Lord has chosen to use one weapon and one weapon only to combat satan… you. He has placed you where your gifts and talents can be used to show others His path for their lives. Study the word for the courage to speak freely, the strength to resist satan and the faith to allow God to lead you and protect you.

Sometimes we walk through woods on old dirt roads, wondering when they first came to be. Did they start as game trails in olden times? Or logging roads, or farm roads? Maybe. The trees appear to be young and the pond new, like someone came and put their stamp on the land. We wonder what this looked like before he came, before the wiring and water lines and leveling began.

Of course, if the stuff we need had not been put here we would have never been drawn this place, never looked at the moss on the half hidden rocks, or watched the chipmunks ‘round the trees race. Sun dappled forest views of trees and shrubs are all around us. Behind every bend something new comes into view. Each place we see is a new way of appreciating our Lord and His awesome creation made for me and you. Each new traveler we see is an opportunity to plant the seeds of salvation while we gaze on the Creator’s work.

If we had not trusted the Lord we would not have experienced these vistas, we would not be where we are. All that we have seen, all that we have and all that is to come, comes through the grace of God. Turn to Jesus and experience His grace.

Yesterday we took our first trip to Old Sturbridge Village, a living history museum in Massachusetts. As we travelled back in time it became apparent that, while there have been many gains over the past 175 years, there have also been significant degradations in our social skills.

While many of the tasks that were required for survival were repetitious and not enlightening of themselves, they were conducive to conversation and the exchange of ideas. Our minds were not broadened by an inundation of thoughts and opinions. They were deepened by a thorough examination of each other. People became closer through necessity, differing cultures learned to accommodate each other. Nature and circumstances forced us to get along because there was no alternative.

In our world today, there is no physical imperative that requires us to get along with our neighbors for survival, that mandates that family members stay together to help each other. So, we don’t… and the quality of our relationships has suffered, the accountability for our actions has diminished and we now reap the fruits of our social ineptitude.

While we applaud the improvements in our physical environment and our health, let us reach back to yesterday to grab the simple lessons of living life as a community by engaging in open dialogue, by simply being friends to all and helping our neighbors.

The leak in the front window, the one I was so positive that I had repaired after last week’s torrential rain in Cape May reappeared in last night’s repeat downpour. My satisfaction about a job well done turned to water right before my eyes, the repair that survived a mild rain failed in a river of water. Guess my work wasn’t as perfect on first try as I thought.

This time the leak wasn’t nearly as worrisome as we knew how to stop it for the rest of the storm. I just need to do a better job with the silicone. Lesson learned, pray first and then research and repair. And now back to the leak and seeing about trying again only with humility and prayer this time.

The lessons that we are taught throughout our lives are often much more traumatic than this simple lesson in humility. Especially if we fail to heed them. God allows us to travel our own path and ignore His warnings and we sometimes do until we crash through His safety barrier. In this case, all my arrogance and pride got us was a little damp. Next time, the consequences could be much worse. We love how the Lord sees us as His children and sends us reminders of His love in small things, like window leaks.

We have spent the last two nights sleeping with the windows open and an extra blanket and the past two days without the air conditioner. We had forgotten the pleasure of life without the AC noise. Waking in the morning after a sound night’s sleep to a hot cup of coffee in the cool, clear mountain air is a pleasure that can’t be beat.

We filled one of the propane tanks yesterday, assembled our small Weber grill and used our fire pit in the evening to ward off the slight chill in the air as we sat outside. Of course, you know that the primary function of the fire pit is the roasting of marshmallows.

This is a quiet, peaceful place that we will explore some over the next few days as we make sure all is ready for our next push into New England. I’m not sure if either of us would have been able to live this more sedentary life when we were younger. Age gives one perspective, perspective to see what is important in this life.

This life, here on earth, is but a single breath when compared to eternity, which is our next and last stop. And yet, this life is where we prepare for eternity, where we make eternal decisions. Prepare carefully.

Yesterday we posted about the beauty of our trip to the Pocono Mountains, forgetting completely the major blessing that God gave.  You see, it stormed all the way here and the rain let up when we were in the most picturesque spots.  In fact, the rain started just after we finished at the dump station and ended as we arrived at this campground.  We still, after moving every few weeks since February 20th, 2017, have yet to be rained on during tear down or set up.


Good planning?  Probably not, as our reservations are generally made 4 to 6 months in advance.  Just plain lucky?  No, we have learned that if we are faithful in our prayer life the Lord is faithful in answering prayer, even in the little things. 



Our Lord loves to hear from us in all our circumstances, not just in our times of greatest need or when our strength is failing.  He needs to hear about our joy every day and He wants us to depend on Him in every situation.  We pray for Linda’s and my health, peace in our lives and safe and trouble-free travels continuously.  During our prayer times, we pray for friends and family.

From the south Jersey shore to the Pocono Mountains… just a mere 5 hours and 190 miles apart and yet there is a world of difference. As we drove through New Jersey and into Pennsylvania the scenery changed, we are back in hill country shaking off the sands of the shore area.

We crossed the Delaware river and drove through the Delaware water gap taking in the river views and enjoying the small towns that we passed through. We wondered if the people here realize the beauty that surrounds them or have their senses been deadened by the sameness of it all. Does constant exposure to beautiful scenery render us blind to it or are we constantly renewed by its splendor?

We only know that we are awed by the diversity of this country… by the uniqueness of each town we drive through. We may take longer to get to where we are going, but we see so much more traveling the side roads and spending time at each stop. Evidence of reality of God is everywhere, in the sands of the beach, trees of the hills, the sidewalks of the small towns and the banks of the rivers. Slow down and really see… see His Glory.

Well, well, well… last night we went to bed saying, once again, it was a good day, a very good day, an exceptional day. We left the campground around 1 PM and drove down to Cape May to the craft beer and arts and craft festival. Evidently this is a very popular summer festival as it took from 1 to 2:20 to drive 12 miles and park (1 mile from the festival). We strolled to the festival and spent a couple of hours seeing the crafts, listening to the live singers and, yes, sampling the beer – only one). As always, the bling was strongly in evidence as well as food, of which we partook – an excellent crab cake.

We had several conversations with the vendors and even shared parts of our testimony. Everywhere we go we meet the nicest folks, people who are willing to share a part of their lives and their story with us as we share with them. We then made our way back to the truck with Linda taking pictures of the Cape May homes along the way.

Last night we both slept the sleep of the forgiven and redeemed, waking this morning to another glorious day of the Lord.

Last night the demons came

Yesterday afternoon was nearly perfect. We walked the 199 steps of the lighthouse at Cape May, strode on the beach and visited the WWII bunker. Then we drove to Sunset beach went through some souvenir shops and saw the remains of a cement ship from WWI. All in all, a nice relaxing day that ended with a fire pit and Linda roasting marshmallows.

But all was not as it seemed. Satan and his pals were just waiting for me to go to sleep so they could attack. You see, yesterday morning I made a $50 mistake and got all caught up in the ‘blame game’. I berated myself for my stupidity and could not let go. This was the opening that the demons needed to torment me in my sleep. I relived all foolish, sinful acts of my life. I was tormented and tortured for hours until I sought solace in the Lord.

Yes, my sins have been blotted by the blood of Christ and yes, my salvation is assured, but, I still live in satan’s realm until either Jesus returns or I go to heaven. The spiritual war is still raging here on earth and we need to be ever vigilant, always leaning on the grace and mercy of God and always wearing His Word.

We have been at Sea Pines RV Resort for seven days and six nights. I have been out three times to run errands and Linda has not yet left the resort area, not because she doesn’t want to… no, her health, combined with the weather, has held her hostage to the camper. Even the leak in our front window, discovered during a night of torrential rain, caused us to give thanks… thanks for the waterproof mattress cover, quick fix and easy long-term repair.

These things happen from time to time in our travels. And yet, every night as we crawl into bed we always say, ‘this has been a good day’. There are many reasons why every day is a good day in our lives… as many reasons as there are days in our lives. It may be as simple as a lessening of the daily pain that Linda endures or as complex as a conversation with someone who needs to hear about the blessings of the Lord.

Always, our love for Jesus sustains us, lifts our burdens from our shoulders and allows us to share His wonderful mercies with others. The love He gave us for each other gives us the ability to carry our combined load with grace and dignity and proclaim Him Lord of all. In our good times and in our bad times, He is sovereign and carries us, comforts us and shows us mercy and love.

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