As the day opens up and the sun rises
As the sky turns blue, filled with white clouds
The darkness gives way to the light
And beauty arrives to fill the eye with love.

The world is unfolding with each new hour
Bringing new adventures for us to savor.
All is happening in the timing of the Lord
We need to but hear His Voice, follow His path.

Each moment is precious in the Lord’s eyes.
Those who seem unlovable are loved by God.
Those who hate and reject Him, He loves.
Yes, even you and I are loved by the Lord.

You choose life or you choose death… your choice.
Your future and your happiness is in your hands.
Make sure you know what the choices are.
Seek the answers, learn the paths, find Jesus.

In your moment of decision, know the Truth,
Feel the hole in your soul and know Who fills it.
God and He alone can promise eternal life.
Only He conquers death and gives true joy.


Traveling through the Northeast, we have been steeped in history. It is impossible to be in this area and not feel the weight of those who came before, to see the evidence of early America and understand the need to carry the Christian ideals of our forbearers forward.

We need to see the good that was and try to make it better. Our ancestors were not perfect, they tried to follow the Lord and tried to be better than their parents. There was much that they failed at, there was much that seems wrong looking back. And yet… without their efforts to be better, without their insights we would be poorer. So, each day as we strive to be better, learn to love others as the Lord loves us, we should not erase the legacy of the past. Rather we should embrace it as an admonition, as an example of what was wrong and build on what was right.

When future generations look at our meager efforts to improve our world, when they see our faltering steps as we follow Jesus will they look upon us with disdain or will they understand? Will they see the small steps that we made as honest effort or will they dismiss our efforts as too little? It is all in the hands of the Lord.

There are moments in our lives that seem to last forever. Not whole days, rather snippets of time (both good and bad) that impress me with their importance like the birth of my daughter, the death of her mother and the awful sound of my daughter when I made the phone call. Things that uplift us and things that drag us down have the same impact on our lives.

Without Jesus in our hearts the mountains are higher and the valleys are lower. Life becomes a giant roller coaster with no brake to even out the ride. When I asked for peace in my heart, the Lord provided. When I gave up trying on my own and prayed for help, the Lord provided. Every time I turn my life over, the Lord provides.

It became very clear to me that, not only could I not handle the major issues in my life, I needed help with daily concerns as well. Turning to God when life beats you down is easy, turning to God when all is good seems so unnecessary. I am here to say that my days have become so much better with the Lord in charge. The mountains are easier to climb and the valleys are no longer frightening.

Many years ago I bought a house in Margate Florida that had this nasty shag carpeting throughout. As we moved in we had thoughts of tearing the carpet up and finally got around to it. Boy were we surprised when we discovered not concrete but terrazzo. Evidently the entire slab on which the house stood was terrazzo and the former owners did not like it.

When you see someone who is mean and nasty and unlovable think about that floor hidden underneath the carpet. That is what Jesus sees, the hidden beauty in all of us. So, look not at the surface, look under the pain and hate and fear and anger to what Jesus sees… a beautiful soul in need of love and compassion.

After all, there are days when we are not kind, days when we too live under a carpet. A carpet that hides our soul, a carpet that we weave perhaps for protection from others but always with the misconception that we are safer. We are not safer when we hide.

Safety comes only by baring our soul to Jesus and when we lay our soul at the feet of the Cross we are free. Free to share our soul and spirit with others. Free to love the unlovable. There is beauty under the ugly carpet.

So, this week has been rest and recovery from our New England swing with 8 or 9 loads of laundry, some trailer cleaning and more planning. We need to seek the will of the Lord before we begin our planning and we need to follow His plans for us. Even though we can’t see the reason for His way, we just need to trust in the Lord and not be afraid or worried.

The next 2 weeks will be interesting with Linda’s health issues and the travel schedule. Come Monday we start our trek south. We will go over 900 miles in twelve days, spending 2 nights in each stop so Linda can have a day of rest. Then we will have a 6-day break in Yemassee, SC close to Savanah, GA where we can see old friends.

As we live our lives, we are always trying to see the lessons that God has for us. Some days they are obvious and some days we must study to see what lesson is there for us. As we find the lesson meant for us each day we try to draw it into our hearts. And as we find these nuggets we try to pass them on to others so they can glean their own lessons from our experiences.

On Monday, we arrived in New York and set up. As we were relaxing I received two phone calls, one from my daughter and one from my mother. My mother was making sure that Linda and I are OK and that we were aware of her move into my older brother’s house. David and Shirley have been a real blessing for the family as they uprooted their lives and moved from Connecticut to Arizona to be with Mom and Dad as they aged.

My daughter just called to see how we are doing and to hear our voices. Just a simple call to say hello means so much to me. It means that we are not forgotten and that we are loved. I know that I do not call others enough. Will I call more? I don’t know. As my hearing worsens, the phone and I are no longer mutually compatible.

What a blessing Monday was. This was just what my spirit needed… a reminder of family after the trip down memory lane in Vermont. The Lord gives us all nudges toward being better family, better friends and better neighbors. Not because He needs us to do so, but because He made us to need Him and each other to live the best and most joyful lives possible.

We went to bed at 9:00 last night, read a little. I was tired and slept well but Linda was over-tired and achy and did not sleep well. Part of the reason was the length of the drive and part of the reason was the weather. Her body always gives her trouble when it rains and not being able to stop and walk for 5 hours compounded the problem.

We finally got up at 7:45 this morning to bright sunshine and Little Man clamoring to be taken for his morning walk. While Linda rests today, I will go on a Walmart run for one of her medications and a few essentials. I anticipate a quiet day with Linda dozing in bed and me reading. Such is the life we live and will continue to live until we are forced by circumstances to settle down.

This was not the future either of us saw as young people and certainly not the future we saw as adults raising our families. It is, however, the future the Lord had planned for us. Separately, we were content and able to serve the Lord in small ways but together, we are full of joy and able to spread the love of Jesus to places we never dreamed of. Praise God for His mercy and abundance.

We woke up this morning to 60 degrees and raining. We will need to pack up and tear down quickly and then dry off before leaving. Not the best start to a travel day… but not the worst either. A time of prayer brings an attitude adjustment and a hot breakfast fortifies the body.

Today we leave Vermont and travel to New York to the first stop on our run from the coming cold. If nothing else, this morning’s aches and pains reinforce our decision to winter in warmer climes. So, off we go.

I started this post this morning before we left and here we are six hours later in Accord, NY. The wind and rain accompanied me during disconnect and pack chores leaving me wet enough to change clothes before we left. Blustery and wet weather was with us all day during the drive dulling the fall foliage but stopped when we arrived and set up.

This was a longer than normal move and we did not stop because of the rain. Now we rest in the camper, taking time to thank the Lord for safe travels. Every time we think we have problems, we pray and turn them all over to God. The troubles do not go away… they become manageable.

It is raining now and there will more rain today as we begin the cleaning and packing process for the move to Accord New York tomorrow, a move of slightly over 200 miles. Rain is also forecast for tomorrow as we finish unhooking in Quechee VT, drive to Accord NY and setup.

Our weather concerns pale in comparison to what is occurring in other parts of the country. And even if the weather deteriorates badly, we can just hookup and move, our income is not affected and, although disrupted, our lives are not endangered. Getting to this place in our lives was not easy. Fifty-one years of working, countless years of looking over children, helping neighbors through fat years and lean years earned us the income we have.

Even when I was unaware or in denial of His existence, our Lord was with me, helping when needed, ready to comfort even when I was not ready to be comforted. Now, in the twilight of my life, I am aware of His love, accept Him as my savior and embrace the path He has for my life. Now, with the love and encouragement of Linda, I can accept the peace in my heart that only comes from God, no matter the weather, no matter the hardships, no matter what happens in this world.

Although we wanted to see more sights here in Vermont, today has become another day of rest and recuperation for Linda. Yes, her health issues could become a stumbling block to our happiness and could hurt our testimony for the Lord. Instead, we lift it all up to God and give Him the glory for all our possibilities.

This part of our journey has taken us places we have never been, shown us wonders we have never seen, reunited us with friends and family and now places us in a wonderland of color where we can rest and recharge. Rather than dwell on the events that we will miss and vistas we will not see we choose to rejoice in the wonders that God has already given us and look forward to seeing more of Him while on this path He has chosen for us.

Today we rest in His loving arms and patiently await the revealing of His will for the next leg of this adventure. We rejoice as we pray and we worship the Almighty for He sees our every need. He uses us for His glory in our joy and He uses us for His glory in our infirmities. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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