Did you wake up sad and lonely this morning feeling as though the whole world is conspiring against you, as though there will never be laughter in your life again? Maybe you woke up this morning feeling vaguely uncomfortable, a little out of sorts, like the world is just not liking you very much. Too much to do, not enough time? Too little to do, nothing to challenge you? Bored stiff, scared silly, depressed, lonely, unloved?

What you need is a friend, a friend who knows you, who understands what you need and most important who will never leave you. Where is this friend? If you already know Him, He stands beside you waiting for you to remember that He is there. Turn and embrace Him. Revel in the pure joy of knowing Him.

How sad it is if you don’t know Him. He stands right outside the door of your heart crying out to you to be His special friend. He is God, He is Jesus, He is the Holy Spirit. He is life and joy and peace and an everlasting love from which your heart will never recover. Embrace Him today.