Those who do not believe in the Lord, those who reject His love, and those who harden their hearts against God are some of the very people who need His mercy the most. If you know someone who just plain rejects all of the things about the Lord that you believe, if you have a loved one who claims to hate God. Don’t quit on them. Keep praying for them, keep showing the love of Jesus to them.

Don’t push them toward the Lord, don’t reason with them, walk with them and lead them toward Him. Let your actions and love for the Lord and others so shine that they will see God in you. Walk toward the Lord with the full assurance that His mercy will work in those who walk with you and in those whom you are leading.

Thank you Lord that we are not responsible for the salvation of anyone… that we do the sowing and you do the reaping… that we are called to simply witness for the Good News… that we are called to turn it all over to You and finally that You will carry us through the valleys to Your loving arms. Amen