What am I supposed to do when the storms come? Do I need to smile like an idiot and say all is well? I can’t! Do I ignore the biblical admonition to ‘count it all joy’ and pretend that it either doesn’t exist or that God can’t possibly mean me? I can’t do that either.

What I can do is remember His Word and hold it to my heart until I can see that my joy is from the Lord and that He is able. He is faithful to heal, to comfort, to bring me joy. My joy comes from the Lord because He sees me through the storms and draws me ever closer to Him until the final day when I come into His Presence and my joy is eternal.

What do you do when the storms come and come they surely will? You can’t depend on your own resources. They are not enough. You can’t depend on others, they are too busy taking care of themselves. I beg of you, look to Jesus, run to Him and He will give you peace.