There are mornings when I need the reassurance of God’s love, there are mornings when I pray for the peace and love of the Lord to rain down on the world and then there was this morning. This morning I prayed for God’s thunder and lightning, for His justice to prevail over the evil and sin in the world. In righteous indignation I prayed for God to smite the evil in the world. In anger I prayed for answers to questions my mind could not form.

God sent the answers in love. He sent the thunder and lightning away from my heart. He said to be at peace, not to be concerned with the evils of this world, they are His to deal with. Our sole responsibility is to love the Lord and our fellow man, everything else is in His hands.

If you are struggling with anger over the injustice of the world I have this thought for you. The Lord knows your heart and your questions even when you can’t voice them clearly. Bring them to Him in prayer. Ask for help even when you are not sure of why you need it. He knows, the Lord knows your pain, your anger, and your disappointments. Come to Him and be healed.