Any time we go for a long walk or hike, we must have on the proper footwear. If we prepare incorrectly our journey will be cut short by pain. Likewise, as we are preparing for our walk with Jesus we must start with our foundation. Without the gospel of peace, the sure knowledge of salvation, our steps will be unsure and the thorns of Satan will be attack our feet and legs thwarting our travels (Ephesians 6:15).

Without the gospel of peace the battle we enter cannot be won even though we know that the war will certainly end in victory, it will not be ours. Others with feet properly clad will march forward to victory, leaving us to sit on the side of the path nursing our torn and bleeding feet. No one, starting a journey, wants it to end before the finish line.

So, begin your march prepared, slip the gospel from the Lord onto your feet. Prepare yourself with the gospel of peace because this war will not be won with the weapons of war but by the hope of peace.