Prayer should be the central theme of any true Christian’s life (Ephesians 6:18). If I have learned anything as I learn to walk with Jesus, it is that my resources are totally inadequate. I cannot, of myself, do any good and righteous thing. It is only through the saving grace of my Lord and Savior that I even exist. If the very air that I breathe is a gift from God, then how much more wondrous a gift are the thoughts I think, the words I speak, the things I do? So, I need stay focused on God to honor these gifts.

In prayer we need to praise the Lord, worship the Lord and declare His majesty for He is the Creator and we are the created. Created to worship Him, to praise His holy name and amazingly to walk with Him in love and fellowship.

In prayer we need to ask for mercy, we need to ask for understanding, we need to ask for forgiveness and we need to ask for more faith. We need to keep praying, never ceasing, never stopping, always believing and we need to pray for ourselves, our family, our fellow Christians, the nation and the world. The Word promises that we will receive all things that are good for us when we ask in faith.