Each day that we live is an image that is placed upon a collage of our lives which becomes a canvas laid out in front of God when we come before Him. The images we choose to place on that canvas show to the world and our Lord who we are. Each one of these images is carefully or carelessly crafted by us and the finished work becomes an eternal record of our lives.

What will your work of look like? Will it be the finished masterpiece of a studied and mature artist? Will it be the careless work of an indifferent person? Will you be pleased with what you have created, more importantly will God?

We all need to improve the images that we daily add to our collage. The best way to do this is sit at the feet of the Master each morning when we wake. Read His Words, Ask Him for help, let Him guide your brushstrokes as you work on the day’s canvas. Do this and your masterpiece will be beautiful.