As the United States crawls along this path to seeming self-destruction I can only wonder at the total inability of our elected officials to even speak civilly to and about each other. No one is ready to admit errors, lies are rampant, forgiveness virtually unknown. The hardness of men’s hearts is appalling and the bitterness on both sides is unprecedented.

People! Look at the government and see what life without God is like, full of bitterness, hatred, resentment. Have you put your faith in the government? Are you afraid of what tomorrow will bring? Does the future look bleak to you or are you trusting in the Lord and praying for His protection, for His purposes to be met even now?

Only the Lord can calm your fears for only He is always true and faithful and able to care for you through all of the storms of your life. Stop putting your faith and trust in man’s abilities, turn to the Lord to receive forgiveness, turn to Him for redemption and peace and joy. Place your faith in the only One Who is always there when most needed. In God we should trust.