I woke up this morning thinking about my Dad and wishing that I had closer relationship with him. This thought shifted to my children and my relationship with them. The same wish for a closer relationship prevails there as well. I guess that it is true that we are taught how to relate to people by our experience at home.

The same goes with our relationship with the Lord. I was taught that church is important and that truth, honesty and compassion were necessary virtues. I was taught to combat injustice and fight evil. However, I did not learn why these things are important. I was not aware of a personal God, a loving God, a God I could be intimate with and share my time, my thoughts and my fears with. So the battles of life were more difficult because I fought alone and when I lost I felt that I had failed God and family.

I tell you no more. No more do I fight alone and when I lose I have failed no one for I am forgiven by a close and personal Friend Who understands me. I speak with this Friend many times every day. I seek His counsel before any decision and I know true peace.

Are you still fighting alone or, worse yet, have you given up? Look to Jesus. Go. Seek Him just as He is seeking you. You too can have a Friend who never fails, who always listens. It is never too late!!