Today is the day that we make final preparations for the disaster relief training at Harvest Church – Dothan tomorrow. That was my second thought this morning and will be most of my focus throughout the day today. My very first thought was “thank you Lord for allowing me another day to show Your love to my family, my friends and fellow travelers on this planet.”

I know that heaven is going to be so much more than earth and I know that my greatest joy will be there and not here. So why am I thankful for another day here? Because there are so many souls here who reject the call of the Lord. So many are lost! So many will never know the one true God.

True grief is watching loved ones leave this earth not knowing if they are going to be with the Lord or the devil and knowing that you never witnessed to them. Be a witness every day… pray unceasingly… never be complacent… stay strong in your faith so you may strengthen others.