Today is the day of the Lord… well, really every day is the day of the Lord. Today is our day to rejoice in the Lord. Under the old covenant we were commanded to set aside the last day of the week to rest and honor and worship God.

Now we come together on the first day of the week to honor and worship the Lord because we love Him as He loves us. Our time with the Lord is a time of great joy, a joy that know no bounds, a joy that is complete because it born in love, the love of the Lord. This is a special time when we are in community with fellow believers, a time when we can encourage each other, build each other up, share our good times and bad times with each other and praise God for His goodness together.

Don’t try to travel this world alone. Satan loves the strays, they are unprotected and vulnerable. Come into the fold and be encouraged and strengthened for the week ahead. You are always welcome in God’s house.