Watching a loved one go through a difficult time or process is never easy. I always wish that it could happen to me instead of them, don’t you? Seeing others in pain is always tough for me but especially when they are close family and friends and I marvel at the faith and strength shown by some.

If I, who love imperfectly, am saddened and hurt by the pain of my loved ones, how must it have been for God the Father, who loves perfectly, to watch the world revile, torture and hang His Son on the cross? I can’t begin to imagine the love of a Father who would allow this to happen when He could have prevented it, nor can I imagine the love of the Son who allowed this to happen when He could have prevented it.

It is this Love that Christians feel when they surrender to the Lord. It is this Love that they try to spread throughout the world. It is not religion, it is not the church, and it is not any person. The Love of the Lord, the more you give away the more you have. Give it away, give it away, give it away!!