There are places and situations in this world that remind us of unhappy times and we try to avoid them when possible. When walking away or just not going are not an option we need to change how we see these places.

One such place me for was the hospital. The Lord started a time of growth for me in a hospital and I spent a great deal of energy not liking hospitals. I realize now that it wasn’t the place that was the problem, it was me. I was looking at the situation as something that was a random event and not part of a greater plan. I now see the love that precipitated this process. God so loved me that He was willing to incur my anger, even my rejection of Him to show me a greater way.

So, here I am this morning in another hospital with another loved one. This time the trip was planned, this time the procedure is routine, this time I am not afraid; for this time He is with me and my wife and we are reassured. The Lord our God is present and able to see us through all trials.

We rest secure in His arms. You too can have this peace, a peace that surpasses all understanding. Trust the Lord, turn to Jesus and be freed.