Sometimes when I wake up and come before the Lord I have nothing that I want, nothing that I need and I feel content. So my prayer becomes one of thanksgiving. This feeling of peace and joy can only come from the Lord and my one wish is that the whole world could feel this.

My hope is that every soul hears the Word and hearing the Word believes and believing the Word turns from sin to God and turning to God becomes one of the family of God. All who are in the family of God have eternal joy and peace.

Then my hearts is burdened, burdened with the knowledge of what happens to those souls who reject the Lord and in rejecting Him turn further toward the world and in turning further toward the world become trapped by Satan and the world and come under eternal damnation, suffering pain and sorrow and loss for eternity.

See the world and Satan for what they really are. They are deceivers, they do not bring peace but discontent, they do not bring joy but fleeting happiness. Their time will end, the Lord’s will continue forever. Choose wisely and choose the only path that will bring you to eternal joy and contentment… choose Jesus.