If you pray for peace among the nations the Bible says that you will be disappointed for there will always be wars and rumors of wars until the returning of Jesus. Better to pray for the peace of God to be infused in the hearts of all people.

Pray hard for our fellow Christians who are in the storms of unbelief throughout the world fighting with the armor of God against the forces of satan. Pray for their safety, pray for their effectiveness and pray that the peace of God will reign in their hearts. Better still pray for the Good News to be spread throughout the world for when this is done Jesus will come to reign.

And when He comes, where will you be? If you are not centered in His will you will not be at peace. Only you and God know your spirit and if you are not sure, you need to stop right now and pray for the Holy Spirit to cleanse your heart and give you peace. May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding be manifested in your heart today and always.