Woke up this morning… hmmm. Now that could be the start of a pretty good conversation. The act of waking up is a really an amazing thing. Just think about it, you go to sleep and your conscious world stops and you automatically continue to breathe and your heart continues to beat.

Then, you wake up. You open your eyes, usually voluntarily (unless you have children), and you see. The birds begin to sing and you hear. What an unbelievable gift life is. Sometimes we forget just where this gift of life comes from and that is why my house starts every day in prayer. To remember Who is the Giver of life, to give thanks to God for this gift of life and especially for this gift of family.

Now I digress to let everyone know that family, i.e. children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are one of God’s greatest gifts to us. Treasure them always and love them as God loves you, completely, unconditionally and with your whole heart. Pray for them every day and always give them your blessings for they are your most precious legacy.