Let’s talk about fasting. Yes I said fasting, one of the best kept secrets of Christianity. Fasting is a way to get closer to God and when you are closer to someone your voice (prayer) carries more weight. If you feel that your prayer life is weak, fasting adds strength and energy and purpose.

So, if fasting is such a good thing then why is it such a secret? It is perceived to be a very unpleasant exercise requiring an excessive devotion to a harsh God. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fasting is known to rid the body of unwanted toxins and in the same way it clears the channels of communication with God.

Fasting is also not well known because it is to be done in secret. Fasting is to be a humbling experience, the equivalence of kneeling in prayer. How can you be humble and declare your humility to men as proof of your spirituality? God who sees your fasting will reward you openly.

Add power to your prayers by fasting. Bring the gift of humility and personal sacrifice to the Lord. Become stronger in your witness, bolder in your speech, and more effective in your prayer life… add fasting.