Without the whole armor of God we cannot survive the daily battles with satan and the world. Start each day with prayer and worship and you will be ready to face the world and the evil wiles of satan. Just as you dress your body for protection from the elements, you need to protect your soul from the evil one and the world. So, put on God’s armor and venture forth and proclaim the Good News.

You will find that there will be days that test your resolve, that leave you worn and weary physically, emotionally and spiritually. Those are the days when you will be especially thankful for God’s protection. Also, there will be days that flow with ease, where God’s mercy and love abound and your faith and peace and joy stay strong and your heart overflows. Each day with the Lord is unique and that is why each must never be faced without the proper preparation.

As the day ends we must always give thanks for the blessings received, for the strength to endure, for the joy of sharing God’s love, for the opportunity to show His peace during times of tribulation.