Every Thursday morning at 10 AM a group of men meet at the church. As they wander through the front door looking for each other a calm seems to descend over them. You see, there is no agenda here, no need to worry about being offended or offensive here. This is a safe zone. In this place at this time God is most definitely in control.

Every man needs to have a place filled with other men where God is in control and he is free to express all of his needs. A place where everyone man is welcome, where there is no condemnation. Where Jesus is spoken and love abounds. Such a place is this.

Come Thursday. See what fellowship with the Lord and a group of men crazy in love with Jesus looks like. You might be surprised. Oh, by the way, we call ourselves “Howard’s boys”. You know, after the Lord’s Prayer: Our Father who art in heaven, Howard be thy name…”