We live in the most amazing of times. Last night I watched a short film by and about a giant of a man named Billy Graham simply called The Cross. Untold millions of people will see this narration through the airways last night and via Facebook, YouTube and other social media on the internet. My thoughts are jumbled this morning because I see the troubles of mankind and I see the solution for mankind coming. There is a great revival in the wind and it started yesterday.

Fan the flames of righteousness and create whirlwinds of God’s love. Talk of the Cross and the sacrifice of Jesus. Talk of our unworthiness and what we truly deserve. Talk of God’s grace and what we have when we repent of our sins and turn to Christ.

The Lord is most certainly a ‘just in time’ God for when we begin to despair He lifts our hearts, renews our hope and startles us with His Love. Listen closely to the message that confounds the world for there is eternal life in the message.