Why is it that Christianity has the reputation of being intolerant, exclusive, bigoted and unable to accept others who are not the same? Could this be true? Has the church become nothing more than a country club where membership is limited to those who agree with us?

If we are so tolerant and non-judgmental then where did this reputation come from? Are we following a God Who showed intolerance and bigotry or are we following a loving God Who wants that none should perish but have life everlasting? If we are following such a God then we can do no less than love all mankind completely, every person of different lifestyles, color and creed. If we do not our witness, our message of the Good News is tainted.

Jesus reached out to all of mankind, He was all-inclusive in His love. God made every human in His image. As followers of Jesus, we can be no less than all-inclusive in our love as well and when we aren’t, we are not in the will of God.

Keep your eyes on Jesus. Use Him as your guide and ignore the snares that satan and the world will (not might) put along your path. Give no opportunity for misunderstanding when you speak and when you act, the world watches and waits to pounce on your errors and try to turn your message of hope to one of despair.

Above all, love others as He loves you.