Yesterday I heard a message at church about the power of resting in God’s love. Once again, I was reminded of a very dark time in my life. A time when my family and friends rallied around me and gave me great comfort but could not give me peace. A time when Jesus reached out and touched my soul, gave me peace and forever changed my life. I needed the reminder of His grace to help me remember how very dependent I am on Jesus.

I know there were many layers to the message and others surely found words that spoke to their needs as well. Words spoken in the spirit are always that way. The Word gives each of us what we need to enrich our walk with Jesus and we need to hear the Word with others so we can be enriched by seeing God through the filter of the experiences of fellow believers. No two people see the Lord in the same way for He loves each of us and shows each of us exactly what we need to see of Him.