I am always teasing Linda about making lists. So, yesterday I went to the store for 4 things and came back with 5, 3 that I was supposed to get. Now I am rushing to the store to get Linda her coffee creamer before she gets up and wants a cup of coffee.

All of my life I have avoided making lists. I don’t really know why, I just have. As I said, today my aversion to lists came back to roost in a small way; but, it showcased for me anyway why lists are important in our lives. I arrived late in life to the need to write things down so I wouldn’t forget them and still I forget to write them down. Sometimes I make a list and leave it at home or even worse Linda gives me the list and I forget to take it. Back to the point, there are things that should be on all lists for our lives.

Pray every day giving thanks to the Lord for every facet of our lives, air to breathe, sunshine to enjoy, coffee in the AM and every thing that we take for granted. Most important of give thanks that God sent His Son Jesus to become a man and live among us, die a horrible death on the cross for our sin, ascend to heaven to sit at the right hand of God and intercede for us.