As I read and study God’s Word and man’s differing views of what it says about God’s law and God’s love, I am absolutely astounded by the cleverness of the evil one. Good godly people who are learned in theology and well versed in the Bible can have mildly divergent views of the triune God and satan will use these minor differences in interpretation to drive huge wedges between fellow Christians ruining their witness to each other and even worse showing the world a wrong view of Jesus.

Followers of Jesus are to be of one mind. This does not mean that we all think alike, rather that our thoughts all start with the fact that we have all repented of our sins and acknowledged Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Each of us has our own unique gifts and talents bestowed upon us by the Creator to fit perfectly into His plans and the exercise of these gifts and talents in the service of the Lord gives the followers of Christ a unity that the world can only marvel at.

So, when I read and study God’s Word He has given me a filter that is distinctly mine and that will, by the grace of God, give encouragement to others and by some miracle that only He knows draw others closer to Him.