Started the day totally in love with Jesus, at peace with the world and oh so content. Made it through morning meetings in high spirits anticipating a continuation of this euphoria through the rest of the day… and then… something happened that put a wrinkle in the fabric of the day. As I tried to deal with the questions that kept coming up I began questioning my ability and knowledge. As this was going on an old family problem came quietly onto the scene. The internal resolution of one issue seemed to precipitate the next and my anger began to build.

I held it all in until I was off of the computer and off of the phone. I was sitting next to Linda who had been watching my face get redder and redder. Next came some venting until I turned it all over to the Lord with some coaching from ‘guess who’.

Just goes to show, satan can insert himself into your life in the best of times and start you on a downward spiral. Don’t let him. I am ashamed to say that I did and I had to pray for forgiveness for not trusting in the Lord and His plans for me. Peace came quickly to me and I am thankful that I had the Holy Spirit with me. You too can have this peace if you turn your life over to Jesus Christ.