The past twelve months have been full of happy times and sad times, new life and lives lost, fresh starts and projects ended. The one constant is that the mighty hand of God has been in every circumstance and His blessings have been ever-present.

Here, at the beginning of a New Year, we need to acknowledge that the Lord was present to see all that we did last year and that He will be present to see all that we do in 2014. We will do no thing that He does not see, we will have no thought that He does not understand and we will say no words that He does not hear. The one and only true God, Creator of the universe, Father of all, Who sent His only begotten Son to save mankind from sin and bring us all into a right relationship with Him will be with us, whether we acknowledge Him or not.

You do not need to believe in the one true God, just know that He is and He is the one who created and controls the universe. More importantly, He knows you and He loves you. This year you need to resolve to get to know Him better. Learn His ways, walk in His path for His ways are joyous and His path is filled with wonder.