As you start the New Year ask yourself these questions. Did you accomplish what you expected last year and do you still feel empty? Do your good deeds seem to be meaningless? Do you start every year with lofty New Year’s resolutions and quit by the second or third month?

Why are you surprised? When you long for and strive for things and goals that have no meaning and are temporary expect to be disappointed even if you obtain them. I heard in church this week that when we long for empty things we wind up empty.

Resolve this year to strive for a closer walk with God. Make your goal a better knowledge of Jesus, a closer relationship with the Almighty. This year, try defining your goals in terms of what God wants for you, what His plans are for you, who Jesus wants you to be.

Do this with a full confession of how you have lived, repent of all of your sins and let God have His way in your life. This will begin your transformation, a process of sanctification that will last the rest of your life and leave you breathless with wonder every day.