Ever feel like everything you do means nothing? Ever wake up and wonder why bother? I would guess that we all do from time to time. I think that we feel that all is meaningless when we lose sight of our purpose, when we substitute our own standard for success– wealth, power, position, knowledge, and friendships for God’s purpose for our lives. Jesus gave us many parables, many examples of right and wrong, many instances of how to follow just two basic commandments. The first is love God.

Love God. Sounds so easy and it is easy until you are hurt physically or emotionally by others, ignored by the world or family or friends and feel you need to blame someone for your pain. You must love God for who He is not for who you are or how you feel. Everything that happens in life holds the potential to bring you closer to God. In every one of life’s catastrophic upheavals as in every small slight and pain there is always the hope of rebirth to a new and even better life.

Open yourself to a life not of this world – but a life of the Spirit.