Walking down the street where I live I can almost take it for granted that most if not all of the people I see know about Jesus. So why should we continue to talk about Him here? Why bother if almost everyone knows? The answer is quite simple.

Knowing about Jesus is not the same as knowing Jesus. Any football fan knows about Peyton Manning but only his family and close friends know him. Of course I will never get to know him because we run in separate circles. My circle of friends and family will remain small but be complete as long as it includes Jesus. But I digress. Back to the point.

If they don’t know Jesus as their friend and personal savior then they are lost souls. Can you stand by and watch as these people are misled into thinking that that knowledge is salvation? Knowing about Jesus is only the first step toward salvation. Accepting Jesus as your personal savior is the necessary step to receive salvation. Sharing your faith and following Jesus are the natural result of loving God and your neighbors.

Share your faith. Only He knows who needs to hear your testimony.