Do you have something in your heart or your attitude that makes you feel unclean? If so, read Mark 1:40-44, Matthew 8:2-4 and Luke 5:12-14. These verses tell the story of the leper who was healed by Jesus.

It was easy for the world to see this healing. Today many of our illnesses are unseen and yet they make us feel just as outcast as the leper. Our attitudes and fears keep us from joining with our communities and being happy and joyful. This is not what God created us for. He created us to worship Him in joy and in community and He created us to be of one mind in our love of Jesus. Not just some of mankind, all of mankind. Not just others, you as well.

Speak to Jesus as the leper spoke “If you will, you can make me clean.” Jesus can calm the storms in your mind just as easily as He calmed the sea. For any situation you can pray “Jesus if you will, you can…” He is willing and He can. Ask with all humility knowing that He reigns over all.