Most of us start out on the shore of life’s great adventure, sitting comfortably in the arms of a loving family. When it is time to push off from shore there is a time of uncertainty that is like shallow water that breaks the waves of tribulation. During this beginning, if we were in a Christian environment, Jesus was planted in our minds and our hearts where He sleeps as we move forward.

As we cross the lake of life we are buffeted by the storms of the real world. Fear, uncertainty and failure loom all around us. This is the time when we need to turn to Jesus, waken Him in our hearts and seek Him with our minds. When we do, He is there to calm our fears, give us certainty and hope.

What about those who had no shoreline experience but were tossed into the storm with no anchor? They need Jesus as well. But who will show them Jesus? Who will carry His peace to the other foundering boats in the storms of life?

You can if you are ready.