There are times when I run to Jesus and fall at His feet begging for help, times when I am at the end of my rope unable to continue, unable to cope with the world. Then is when He is the ‘just in time God’, the Lord of all of my tomorrows always saves me… in His time not mine.

There are times when my shame causes me to try to sneak up on the Lord and draw His saving grace in secret, times when my pride wants my salvation to be hidden. Then is when Jesus in His infinite wisdom stops and calls me to account… in the light, never in the dark.

Two different ways to approach Jesus, both with the same result, neither one ridiculed, neither one offered up as incorrect. I suppose that this means that the only correct way to approach Jesus is with the assurance that He is the God of your salvation and that no matter the method used, He will be there… to love you, to save you, to carry you home.

Do not fear Jesus, ask Him into your heart… He loves you and waits for you.