Some nights, in my evening prayer, I have to beg for forgiveness for the mess that I made of the day. There are days when my best effort produces nothing but failure. I can’t control my thoughts, my temper flairs, my mouth betrays me, my best intentions go wrong… well, you get my drift.

Even on those nights, I know that God forgives, that He loves me and will continue to applaud my efforts at following Him. Because the God of creation is a loving God He sent His Son so that whosoever believes in Him will have life everlasting. God led me to this Truth of Jesus and I know that my efforts, even those that fail, will be rewarded.

When you love the Lord failure is not an option, because the Lord will never look on your efforts to serve Him as failure. Even when you represent Him poorly He will turn your failure into His triumph. So don’t let fear of failure stop you from trying.

Do not ever set limitations on your ability to serve the Lord, Jesus doesn’t.