Here I am parked in a recliner, two hours into being awake, reading and listening to the Word, reading devotionals, scanning Emails and looking at Facebook posts (some appropriate, some not so much). In my recliner it is not difficult to stay focused on the Lord. In my recliner the world is easy to ignore.

Life is not meant to be lived in my recliner so I eventually need to rise and face the world. Since I am retired, this needs no longer be a daily event which in fact it is not. There are several reasons for this, one being that my wife has days where her health keeps her down and another being that I can stay at home and plan and contact people and interface with the world on my terms. Being at home no longer means being inactive and isolated.

Being at home can be enriching if you look at the social media as an opportunity, an opportunity to spread the Word to a world that sorely needs the Good News of Jesus.

Stay focused on Jesus, create blogs that enrich lives, speak God’s truth. People are listening, keep talking. If only one is saved or encouraged the time spent, the words spoken are not in vain.