Last night Linda and I both set our alarms for 4:30 to get ready to go see her family. Her alarm did not go off and I did not turn mine on, what a recipe for disaster. But you know what, we both woke up at the same time… 4:41 AM. We are not just awake and functioning, we are alert and ready for what the day has to offer.

The Lord of the universe, Creator of all things, the Almighty God of whom David writes so passionately in Psalms was not only David’s friend but is our Friend as well. Friends love each other, take care of each other and help each other when they fail to wake up on time. We all too often fail to thank our friends for the little things they do for us and this especially true with God.

How do we not see His Hand in everything? How long will the Lord stay His judgment on a sinful and perverse world? Long enough for you, my friend to come to Him and repent and be saved.