Yesterday was a day of rebuilding, reconnecting and faith affirmation for Linda and me. We took the day with Linda’s sister Cindy and visited with members of her family on her father’s side. Linda, Cindy and her aunts, Carol and Grace and Jeannette and Bobbie and uncles, Bubba and Don laughed and cried and reminisced about good times and bad. Life and God and Jesus were reaffirmed, promises to stay in touch were exchanged and I got a glimpse into my wonderful wife’s past and a family that loves the Lord.

I had the rare opportunity to sit with a man who loves the Lord, who is a true and faithful witness for the Lord and who also loves life and embraces each moment with humor and compassion. I felt like a member of the family from the moment of introduction. What a great testimony, the immediate acceptance of a stranger into the family fold.

There is no greater moment than the moment when your heart opens to and is washed by the blood of Jesus. The rest of your life is spent in adoration of the Lord and letting that love cover those you know. Thank you to the Kimbrell clan for the demonstration of God’s love yesterday.