If you hang onto your pride and ego refusing to acknowledge the sovereignty of the Lord you will surely die; but if you turn loose of your pride and ego and accept Jesus into your life you will enter into eternity.

Only with the Grace of God which is the blessing of God enriching your life with “every spiritual gift, and power to do God’s will” can you put your old nature to death and be reborn as a child of God. Jesus loves you and is watching and waiting for you turn to Him.

Jesus wants to take all of your cares and worries away from you. He wishes for you have true joy and peace and contentment now, in this life. The good news is that this not a future, after you die promise. Now, today, this minute He can take your fears away. Your sorrow and feeling of loss can be gone. You no longer need to feel alone for Jesus is here, open your eyes and your heart to Him. Open your mind to the possibilities.

Let Jesus set you free.