Sometimes we pray for an answer, a direction, a way to go and what we hear is not what we want. Now we can ignore the answer and try to bull our way through. This usually results in indecisiveness, poor performance and failure. You see, away from God we are nothing, less than nothing, wretched failures.

The only thing we can do when this happens is apologize for our failures to those we have disappointed, repent before God for the sin of not putting Him first, of putting our own desires before His Will and start listening to God.

If you have done this, welcome to my world, the world of the forever repentant because I often try things my way first. At least I am now beginning to know and acknowledge my problem. I want to solve the problems in front of me, now, in my own way, to my satisfaction. See the problem? The problem is I, me, my, mine. I try to take possession of today, of the situation instead of giving the situation to God.

Instead of standing firmly in front of the problem, get out of the way of the Lord and let Him lead. You and I will have fewer fences to mend if we follow the Lord instead of our own desires.