Those who are led to the Truth of Jesus and stay at home are on a lifelong pilgrimage just as surely as those who carry the gospel to the very corners of the earth. The field of souls ready for the harvest begin right outside our front door. Every day you will meet someone who has heard and not believed, who has believed but needs encouragement, who has fallen and needs a hand up.

Have trouble getting out but reading this? For you and all who have access to a computer there is a vast field of lost souls on the internet. We lament about the sexual immorality, the devil worship, the lies and deceits of satan that are all over the websites and social media sites and say stay away from the internet. Don’t listen, go to the internet and put up beacons for Jesus.

Wherever man is, satan will be also, lying and deceiving and trying to lead men away from God. That is where the followers of Jesus need to be talking about Jesus, encouraging men to see the Truth. The followers of Jesus need to be glowing with the Love of Christ like a beacon from a lighthouse guiding lost souls to the way, the truth and the life, to Jesus.