Starting anything new requires adjustments to the current schedule, starting two things at the same time requires lots of prayer and the loss of some things that are comfortable for things that will become comfortable but are not now.

Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, especially when the physical or spiritual benefits are obvious. There are no downsides to improving your health and there are no negatives to getting closer to God so check out your comfort zone.

Are you too comfortable with your health? Can regular exercise improve who you are? If the answer is yes then get uncomfortable. Unlimber from your recliner and walk or run or join a gym (Planet Fitness is affordable at $10 per month – 2 Starbucks lattes)

Do you have a close personal relationship with God? Does Jesus invade your every waking moment? If the answer is no then get involved with Sunday school or a small group at your church. No church? Find one you can attend, get comfortable again and pursue God.