Remember that where Christians gather to study the Word and to encourage each other there satan will be also. He will be checking ID’s and taking names. Then he will devise his plans to discourage and bring to ruin the faith of God’s children.

This concept of satan watching and scheming against committed Christians keeps many from fully engaging with the Lord and His community of believers. The fear of satan as a vengeful and vindictive being keeps many from growing in their faith. Don’t allow fear to freeze you into a place of little faith and small blessings. I would say stay strong in your faith but God works best in your weakness so fall on the Lord and give Him all of your doubts and ask for Him to increase your faith.

Lord… Help those who are wavering in their faith due to the attacks of satan. Let them know your joy and peace during their times of trouble and strengthen their resolve to become more mature and more complete in you. And Lord thank You for the covering blood of Jesus for it is in His name that we pray. Amen