We live in a time of uncertainty, a time of distrust and a time when evil seems to rule the world. Every day terrible acts of violence are reported in the news. Every day neighbor is pitted against neighbor as politics becomes more and more virulent. Caustic words are spoken, words that divide, words that hurt, words that produce harmful consequences. When does it end?

The hate, the pain and the divisiveness begins to end when Jesus arrives, seen or unseen, known or unknown. When a faithful follower of Christ enters into a room or becomes part of a conversation either in person or online Jesus is there. If you are a follower of Christ then you carry His spirit with you always. When you speak you are to speak with His spirit, His knowledge, His compassion and His wisdom.

Remember, fellow Christian, that you carry the very essence of God within you. Never taint your witness, never repay evil with evil but repay evil with good. How can anyone argue with someone who does not argue back? How can anyone continue to hate someone who shows them only love?

God’s love always prevails.