Several years ago I volunteered at Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) in Eastern Kentucky in some of most impoverished areas of the nation. I spent a little over a year immersed in a volunteer culture of community, service and spirituality that helped this new Christian learn how to pray and help others and seek the Lord’s will in all things. I left CAP with some wounds healed and a deeper appreciation of power of service.

Today I am here to witness to the need for the precepts of CAP (that 3 legged stool of community, service and spirituality) to be implemented in every church, in every small group and in every heart. We can read about the fruits of the spirit, we can talk about the fruits of the spirit all day, we can even try to discern what our gifts of the spirit are that produce the fruits. But… If we do not become active in the spirit then we will produce nothing. Who would come to the love of his life empty handed? Can you profess to love someone and not want to bring gifts? Is true love shown by indifference?