Yesterday started on a high note with wonderful prayer, continued to be amazing through worship, a peaceful afternoon in companionship with Linda, an uplifting meeting and ended on a slightly sour note watching the TV show Cosmos.

Cosmos is a well-produced and thoughtful presentation of how the universe started and is evolving. There are many theories that are presented as scientific fact and it is evident that there were many brilliant minds at work in the construction of this program.

Our senses tell us that we live in an orderly universe and our mind searches for the reason for that unity. Anything that man reasons out to explain the universe is subject to the caprices of man. So, as we grow in knowledge and try to make sense of our world, as we see more and more of the universe, as we probe deeper into our own planet and as we study the many variations of life we seek after answers that make sense.

But the answers keep changing in a world of finite possibilities. Theories are made and discarded, yesterday’s truth is tomorrow’s joke and today’s truth is transitory. Only an infinite, live and active God can fill the bill, can satisfy the hunger for completion.

God is alive and active, accept this and start your journey to Jesus.