God gives us signs, indicators of His will. Stubborn people ignore the signs and climb their own hill. Busy people miss the signs, they are too busy in the world. Self-righteous people see the signs as signs for others to follow.

Followers of Jesus have seen the signs, have read the signs and try to follow the signs. However, sometimes we think we know better what is right for us. Sometimes we are too busy doing our will to see His will. Sometimes we read the signs wrong.

When we feel a calling to act for the glory of God, to be His hands and feet, to speak His Word, we need to test this feeling with prayer. Seek clarification from the Lord, look for further signs of His will, and seek the counsel of fellow believers. Being the hands and feet of Jesus is not for the weak of heart. Yes, satan is a defeated foe, defeated by the cross, but he is still a fierce adversary able to destroy your testimony.

Armor yourself with the full armor of God. Carry all of the tools you will need (Ephesians 6:13-18). Most important of all, bring the Love of God to all you help for His Love covers all.