Every follower of Christ has felt a desire to do something for the Lord and then immediately thought ‘no, I needn’t exactly do that, it will be OK if I do something close’. This happens very frequently because satan works in the shadows, quietly trying to influence our thinking. Satan is the great deceiver and he will disguise his whisperings and tell you that you are unworthy of doing the Lord’s will or that what he says is so close the Lord’s will that it won’t matter.

Remember that the plans that you make without God are not real, they are only of this world and will not carry forward into eternity. Of course, God will make everything work for His purpose in this world, you just may not be happy with your part in this world and you will store up no treasures in eternity.

We are but temporary visitors on this mortal plane. Our eternal souls will continue long after our mortal bodies are dust. Follow Jesus and ignore satan’s deceptions. Prepare yourself to join the celebration in eternity worshiping the one true God with your fellow believers.