Be very careful of what you hide in your heart. Anger, envy, lust, pride, bitterness, and cursing can all be harbored in your heart as unspoken sins against others. Because you don’t speak or display them you may feel that you are free from sin. You can sometimes fool other people but you can never fool God. He knows your heart, not only for Him but for others as well.

Open sin can be addressed by your brothers and sisters in Christ and remedied by a change in your heart. If you are hiding anything in your heart ask the Lord to do a work in you to bring out any hidden sin. Honest prayer to God is the only effective antidote to hidden sin. Hidden sin needs to be brought before the Light of Jesus and confessed.

Open communication with other people starts with open communication with God. Prayer is a two way thing with the living God. It’s really simple, you speak He listens, He speaks you listen. When love is involved the process becomes very clear and your heart opens up to others. Open your heart to God’s love.