As a child I experienced what were called growing pains. I had growth spurts where my legs would hurt because the parts were not growing at the same speed, hence the expression growing pains. I had no control over these hurts, only time could stop the problem. In other words only time would stop the pain.

If we are not intentional about our faith, if we do not pay attention to our faith walk we will experience those same growth pains in our faith. However, simple time is not the solution to the stopping the pain as your faith matures. Study the Word of God, learn from the experiences of others and lean on fellow Christians. As your knowledge of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit increase your understanding of the sanctification process increases as well.

You will begin to understand that there is nothing as important to your wellbeing as your faith. The ease of the path you take and the final destination of your soul depend on your answers to the questions of your faith. Study God’s Word and discern God’s will and your path becomes smoother.