Linda and I went to the doctor’s office today for routine lab work. They will run tests that will help the doctor determine how healthy we are and what we need to do to stay physically healthy. We will go back at the end of the month after our trip to CAP to get to results and decide what if any adjustments need to be made.

Easy enough and any prudent person does this to stay healthy in this world. Are we as prudent with our spiritual life?

Many of us roll along through life doing church on Sunday thinking we are getting our spirituality cure-all pill. Nothing is further from the truth. Just as one pill does not cure all sickness so church on Sunday does not cure all spiritual problems. We need to be intentional about our faith and get periodic checkups.

Get together with your pastor or a close Christian friend and talk about your walk with the Lord. If you don’t have either, start looking for a church that you can attend where the Lord speaks to you. Meanwhile feed your eyes and ears the Word of God, go on a healthy spiritual diet.